Langkawi Villas

Boasting of lush nature-filled forests accompanied by golden stretches of warm sand, Langkawi is truly an oasis of calm. If you are feeling rushed and stressed, plan a little escape to this serene haven where you can truly relax and bask in the tranquil atmosphere. Since it is such a tourist hotspot, many enterprising developers have rushed in to build their respective accommodations on the island, hoping to draw more travellers to this idyllic island. For those who value privacy and top-notch services, villas are the best places for them. The term villa first originated from Rome, where it was used to describe early Roman luxury country houses. Throughout the ages, villas have been used for descriptions of various types of abodes, from monasteries to semi-detached homes in the suburbs. In the travel industry, the word villa stands to conjure an image of premium, detached lodgings, styled like a bungalow for those who like to treat themselves to a little extravagance especially on vacation. It is more spacious and airy, due to its detached surroundings.


Venturing into Langkawi, you will discover that the people here have an unhurried way of life, decidedly slower in pace from Singapore’s frenzied pace. However, don’t be afraid you will be bored here, there are plenty of sightseeing and activities that suit even the most thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie. If not, come here for the peace and quiet, and soak in some golden sun rays when idling about the seaside. Langkawi was also granted duty-free status back in 1987, so you can expect super cheap alcohol, tobacco, and confectionery products on sale here. Now there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing an ice cold beer or two to enjoy while you are lazing on the beach (except perhaps your alcohol tolerance level!). You definitely won’t be able to find such cheap prices in other parts of Malaysia so indulge yourself while you can. Even though alcohol and tobacco are especially affordable here, you will find that there are many families with young children who will come here during school holidays.


Langkawi is blessed with an abundance of verdant, green nature and to top it off, the clear cerulean blue Andaman seas surrounds the island. Locals welcome you with warm, friendly smiles, making you feel right at home. Expansive, roomy villas are amazing places for you to truly let go and relax, especially if you are constantly cooped up in a tiny work cubicle during the weekdays. Experience what it feels like to breathe in the tangy air scented by the salty sea and be greeted each morning by the golden sunshine shining its rays through your windows. The invitingly soft, white sand on the beach simply welcomes you to frolic on its shores. Escape the stifling air of the city in one of Langkawi’s very own fine villas. Langkawi villas are well decorated, designed to be classy, beautiful and intimate.


Villas in Langkawi are just the perfect type of accommodation if you want to be in your own little private world while on holiday. Perhaps you have an intimate gathering of friends and would not like to be disturbed during your stay, or maybe you and your partner want to have some quiet alone time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world out there. No matter which villa you choose to stay in, you can be sure that the location will be in a strategic setting in close proximity with wonderful natural places and delightful attractions. Delve deeper into Langkawi’s history and you will find that there are many legends surrounding this sleepy little island. Almost everything here is named after a legend, even the town centre itself is named after a legend of two giants. You will find that it is almost like a storybook, there are so many myths that you can find.


Not sure whether staying in a villa is the best option for you? Still in two minds about deciding which kind of accommodation is just what you need to make your holiday the best ever? Refer to our informative guides here on which types are the best for your vacation party. There are villas in almost every part of the island, maybe you want to stay in the always active Pantai Cenang, near all the exciting activities and the nearest beach to the airport. Or if you like to be away from lively Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah is also a good choice, near enough to the general tourist area but far enough that you can be in your own secluded bubble. You don’t have to decide straightaway, we help you to narrow down the available choices and cherry-pick the best so you don’t have to do all the legwork. Plan out your trip easily and with no fuss, everything you ever wanted to know about Langkawi is right here, on our blog.


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