Langkawi Snorkeling

Langkawi is a beautiful archipelago of islands that is any beach lover’s idea of heaven. With the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Andaman sea that surrounds the island, you can be sure that the undersea world will be a joy to discover. The predominant activities for an island vacation are usually swimming and snorkelling, especially if the waters are clear, like Langkawi’s seas. Snorkelling is a family friendly activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. Grab a snorkelling mask, some fins and a life jacket if you are not a strong swimmer and get ready to explore the great ocean surrounding Langkawi. It is advisable to charter a boat or join tours which will bring you to awesome snorkelling spots further away from the beaches. Helpful tour guides on the boat will bring you to the best snorkelling locations so that you can experience a whole new world underwater. Inside the ocean, you can savour the terrific view of the corals teeming with marine life that is truly and eye-opener.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

Pulau Payar Marine Park is arguably the most popular place to go if you are planning a snorkelling trip. The Marine Park is actually made up of four islands which consist of Payar, Lembu, Kaca and Segantang which are all currently uninhabited, making it the best place for snorkelling in Langkawi. Expect to find diverse and colourful sea life all around the islands here which is its main attraction and also the reason it is Peninsular Malaysia’s best diving site on the west coast. The Marine Park is named after Pulau Payar, the largest island out of the abovementioned four, and is also the location of the Marine Park Centre. The Centre is operated by the Fisheries Department and you can obtain all sorts of helpful information here regarding the islands. The boats will normally dock here and let out all its passengers to explore the park.

Things to do at Pulau Payar Marine Park

If water activities are not your cup of tea, fret not as the Marine Park also takes into consideration landlubbers who do not want to get their feet wet. They have carved out two hiking trails that are easily accessible and will lead you to some jaw-dropping views of the Andaman sea and its surrounding natural beauty. Here, you can view Mother Nature at her finest. In addition, there are also various facilities available here such as restrooms, picnic tables and gazebos for the convenience of visitors. In addition, there is another attraction here worth mentioning, which is an artificial reef constructed entirely out of old tyres, concrete blocks and other paraphernalia that has gradually evolved into a fully developed reef that is brimming with sea life. If you are keen to visit this place, there are plenty of Langkawi snorkelling packages that will include a Pulau Payar Marine Park snorkelling tour.

Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkelling

One of the main attractions here is the black tipped baby sharks that you can spot when the tour guides take you out on their boats. If you are lucky, you may even be able to swim beside one of the baby sharks which is perfectly harmless and a thrilling experience. Further out into the seas, you will be able to see even more corals and various other fishes darting amongst the corals. Langkawi snorkelling is definitely a fun and exciting activity that you can’t miss out when you are here. When you are in the cool and comfortable waters admiring the exotic marine life undersea, beware of the strong sunlight beating on your shoulders as things like sun protection will tend to slip from your mind. You will regret this later when you find that you have a sunburn turning your skin into the colour of a boiled lobster. So, slather on that sunscreen or better yet, dedicate a t-shirt to be worn when you go snorkelling for that extra layer of protection.

When to go snorkelling in Langkawi

Malaysia has a tropical climate and this means that Langkawi has warm weather throughout the year. This enables visitors to be able to enjoy swimming and snorkelling anytime they want as the temperature of the waters are at a comfortably warm level. However, do take note that the temperature will drop several degrees from the months of December through January. Monsoon season in Langkawi occurs during June through September, thus rain is expected but you can still enjoy the numerous beaches in Langkawi. For maximum water visibility for Langkawi snorkelling, you can choose to visit during the months of November to March when the weather is at its best. If you are planning to embark on a Pulau Payar Marine Park snorkelling tour, it is advisable to avoid the months of August through September as there will be strong winds from the south affecting the seas.