SkyDiving Langkawi

If you think Langkawi is beautiful from the ground, imagine seeing it from the air. We are not talking about leaning over someone for an aerial view of the island from an airplane window. For a real heart-pounding adventure and the experience of a lifetime, you must try skydiving in Langkawi.

How Langkawi Sky Diving Works

Since skydiving is such a popular activity on this island, there are several companies offering skydiving services. Some people make the unfortunate mistake of passing up this opportunity before learning about it because of a misconception that they will jump from a plane alone. What makes the experience safe and fun is tandem-style diving with an experienced instructor.

With tandem skydiving, you and your instructor are harnessed together to the parachute, and you are properly outfitted with protective gear before you both jump. Your instructor always performs a thorough safety check first. The instructor handles the important task of making sure that you both land on the ground safely, and you simply jump to enjoy the thrilling experience. Some companies will even pick you up from your hotel or another location if you make plans with them in advance.

Best Time For A Langkawi Sky Dive

If you visit Malaysia between March and November, the chance of rain increases. The driest days are during December, January and February. To ensure an opportunity to skydive or enjoy other outdoor activities in Langkawi, try to visit during those three months. Of all the outdoor attractions and activities in Langkawi, skydiving consistently receives the highest ratings for satisfaction and fun.

Nothing is more thrilling than the feeling of adrenaline surging through your body and the air gushing in your face as you descend on the beautiful island of Langkawi. You can see the buildings, the beach and the ocean as you glide toward the ground. When you land safely, you will probably want to experience this feeling again. Skydiving in Langkawi is a great activity for friends, couples or anyone looking for an extreme but fun activity. For the best experience of skydiving Langkawi has to offer, book your reservation as far in advance as possible.

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