Langkawi Scuba Driving

Many embark on an adventure to Langkawi in order to get a grasp of their sea legs. However, there are plenty of other activities to do like scuba diving in Langkawi!

Where Does One Scuba Dive?

Our of the 144 islands that surround Langkawi, there are a few that dedicate themselves to the scuba diving experience. There are 4 islands that create Pulau Payar Marine Park which is known for an assortment of diving options. Langkawi scuba diving is said to be like no other experience.

What To Expect

The experience of scuba diving in Langkawi will heighten the above water experience in Langkawi. The clear blue waters and its virgin white sands, bring tourists from around the world on a daily basis to the marine park. The various activities include swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and diving in the warm waters of the Andaman sea. Life under the sea will bring views of unseen wildlife, flora, and spectacular volcanic rocks.

Never Went Scuba Diving? No Problem!

The beauty of scuba diving Langkawi is the versatility. Many different sites will offer different tour packaging, but they are all open to every type and level of swimmer. Oftentimes, the package will note whether a diving license is required or not. In many cases, the company will have an instructor to teach any novice swimmers how to properly use the gear.

On the other hand, experienced swimmers are free to do what they want. Usually, it will be cheaper if a diving license has been acquired beforehand due to the lack of training involved.

When Should You Visit?

Langkawi maintains perfect weather for diving year round. Therefore, plan to visit whenever a vacation is needed. With waters generally reaching 28 degrees Celsius, a thriving ecosystem, and top quality diving gear, there is nothing to lose!

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