Langkawi Sailing

The Beautiful Views You’ll See Sailing in Langkawi

A huge part of Langkawi’s culture is sailing. Out of the 140 islands in Langkawi, only a select few are inhabited. The best way to explore the vast amounts of wildlife and views is through sailing in Langkawi.

Not all sailing experiences are created equally, the best way to experience the various possibilities is learning the ropes through a Langkawi sailing school and then taking scenic routes and venturing through undiscovered routes to the destination that is most interesting to you. There is a list below of all the sailing possibilities in Langkawi.

Charter Yachts

Because Langkawi is primarily made up of water, there are plenty of opportunities to hire a boat captain. Sailing Langkawi can be difficult for a beginner, making this a great option. The benefits of utilizing a yacht charter can certainly outweigh the negative. Many of these charters will move through the scenic areas of Langkawi, leaving many areas untouched like the many wildlife conservation islands that are home to a vast array of animals that are native to Langkawi. On the other hand, these charters will ensure the best viewing experience in the shortest amount of time.

Sailing Schools

For the explorers and curious folk, Langkawi sailing is open to everyone through an assortment of different sailing schools. These schools are built to inform a novice sailor how to react to every scenario the Langkawi environment could present. Furthermore, there are several options to choose from depending on whether a sailor plans to stay near the shore, or voyage off on their own. These schools aim to be as practical as possible, offering day long seminars to 16-week seminars. The aim is to provide the necessary skills needed for any adventure while sailing the waters of Langkawi.

Rent a Boat

Lastly, there are plenty of opportunities to rent boats from local establishments. There are many different marinas where fisherman and sailors alike will rent out their boats and equipment for the day. Knowledge of sailing is a firm requirement in these cases and there must be a form of proof.

The method of transportation should be the last concern when traveling to this beautiful destination. There are plenty of opportunities for every kind of sailing!

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