Langkawi Parasailing

Of the many thrilling places to visit in exotic Malaysia, Langkawi Island presents an enticing variety of adventures to be had. For the traveller seeking an unparalleled view of the natural wonders surrounding the Jewel of Kedah, parasailing – traditionally the process of gliding through the air while attached to a parachute being pulled by a motorboat – puts a bold spin on a traditional sightseeing tour.

While there are abundant opportunities to take a trip on the plentiful beaches, an important factor to keep in mind is the quality of the company offering the service. Though a visitor may be looking for the lowest Langkawi Parasailing price available, the experience may end up being of lower quality and, unfortunately, sub-par safety standards. Fortunately, several companies rise to the top and provide secure, extraordinarily enjoyable excursions.

Toro Watersports

Toro is a smaller company that garners a massive amount of praise for their knowledgeable, friendly, safety centric staff and their excellent prices. A place to make one’s adrenaline race without the worry of harm, the company provides an environment for unforgettable memories to be made. Patrons have the option to ascend from the beach or from the boat for different prices, so all ranges of thrill seekers can enjoy their parasailing trip with Toro Watersports.

Naam Sports

When it comes to parasailing Langkawi, Naam Sports provides the ultimate opportunities in the luxury market. With a luxury brand comes a higher price tag, but extended services, state of the art amenities, and tremendous professionalism of the staff towards the travellers. Their slogan “Nothing Compares” is fitting in many ways, but specifically as patrons can ascend and descend from the boat, the only Langkawi parasailing company that offers this service. They accommodate booking in person and online, so those planning ahead and those scheduling as opportunities present themselves can take advantage of all the services Naam has available.

Mega Water Sports

Mega Water Sports specializes primarily in jet skiing and jet ski tours rather than parasailing, but they offer parasailing as one of their many licensed, insured services available. Well-informed, qualified staff provides all of the quality assurances to put a wary adventurer’s mind at ease. Though not the deluxe experience of Naam or the flexible practices of Toro, Mega Water Sports guarantees a proven unforgettable and thoroughly safe parasailing trip for those who may decide to add it on to their water ventures in Langkawi.

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