Langkawi Mangrove Tour

Langkawi is an archipelago off the northwest coast of Malaysia. It is made up of 104 islands, with the largest being Langkawi Island. Langkawi Island is one of only two islands which is inhabited, sustaining a population of 64,792 spread over its 184 square miles (478 km). Langkawi Island is known for its beaches, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, cable car, the Sky Bridge and the Mangroves.

What is a Mangrove?

If you have not spent time in the tropics or subtropics, you may not be familiar with mangroves. Mangroves are shrubs that grow near coastal locations in salty or brackish water. From a distance, a growth of mangroves is often mistaken for an island. Upon closer examination you will see they are growing up out of the water. Their salt-filtering roots allow them to grow in this water.

Put These Two Together, and you have the Langkawi Mangrove Tour.

There are several places that offer a Mangrove Tour in Langkawi.

  • The Langkawi Mangrove Tours also tours the Kilim Nature Park.
  • Take a boat trip starting from Kilim Jetty or Tanjung Rhu Bay and see the mangroves on one side and the huge limestone rocks on the other with Malibest Resort Langkawi or Tanjung Rhu Beach Langkawi.
  • MariMari can set you up with a complete Mangrove tour Langkawi package to visit nearby islands, enjoy a dinner cruise, or kayak down the Kilim River.
    For even more suggestions you could go to Trip Advisor for a search of “mangrove tour Langkawi”.

Whichever tour you would choose, you are sure to have a beautiful, informative tour of this unusual vegetation that is unique to Langkawi.

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