Langkawi Cable Car

Also known as the Langkawi SkyCab, the cable car provides an aerial link from Burau Bay’s Oriental Village to the summit of the second highest peak in the Langkawi Archipelago, Mount Mat Cinchang, 708 meters above sea-level.

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The Cable Car travels above some of Langkawi’s most fascinating environments including pristine untouched forests, Langkawi’s Telaga Tujuh Waterfall (7 natural wells waterfall), and South East Asia’s oldest rock formation which dates back 550 million years. Each of Langkawi Cable Car’s gondolas offer a full 360 degrees view of this breath-taking scenery.

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Completed in 2003, Langkawi SkyCab takes its passengers up a distance of 2.2km to the top of Mount Mat Cinchang with travel time taking around 15 minutes. One portion of the climb is the World’s Longest Free Span for Mono Cable Car and it stretches 950 meters. Embark on the cable car at Base Station located at the Oriental Village in Burau Bay. The ride will then take you to Middle Station where it will make a 45° turn before climbing up to Top Station. The initial ascend from Base Station to Middle Station is also amongst the World’s steepest at a 42° incline.

There are several different gondolas available for different types of passengers. The standard gondola sits up to 6 passengers and offers a full 360 degree panoramic view of the island, the sea, and the many other islands in the Langkawi archipelago. For the more adventurous ones, there are gondolas with glass bottoms, where passengers will be able to get a view of the canopy right below their feet. There are also VIP and Private gondolas where the glass is tinted, offering its passengers the privacy they desire.

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Tickets for the SkyCab is RM50 for foreigners without the Malaysian IC.
Location: Jalan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau
Phone: + 604 959 4225

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Suspended at the summit of Mount Mat Cinchang, 23,000 feet above sea level, Langkawi SkyBridge offers an unparalleled, breath-taking view of the Langkawi archipelago of islands, even extending as far as Tarutao Island in Thailand.

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Completed in 2004, The Langkawi SkyBridge is the World’s Longest Free Span and Curved Bridge. The bridge measures 125 meters in length and is suspended by high-strength steel cables stemming from a single pylon. Parts were fabricated remotely and lifted by Russian Kamov helicopters, before being assembled on site. The bridge hangs 100 meters above ground and can hold up to 200 people at a time. The Langkawi SkyBridge is truly an engineering feat

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To reach the SkyBridge, you will have to embark on the Langkawi Cable Car to the top station, and trek uphill for about 15 minutes before reaching the SkyBridge. Ticket prices for the SkyBridge are RM5 for adults and RM3 for children. Tickets can be purchased at the SkyBridge Ticketing Counter at Top Station.