Langkawi Attractions

Langkawi is made up of 104 tropical islands in Malaysia and its natural wonders are truly a sight to see. The uniqueness and beauty of its surroundings have led to many legends and myths; stories of rivalry, hope, and love. The scenic archipelago boasts stunning beaches around Langkawi are among the most beautiful in the region and are natural destinations for weddings on white sands and honeymoons. The more exclusive beaches are homes to ultra-luxury resorts reserved for the rich and affluent. Man made monuments and attractions are also tastefully built as tributes to the symbols and Langkawi’s unique environment. Major Langkawi attractions range from coral reefs to a high-altitude cable car. Shoppers can browse numerous duty-free stores. Consequently, the islands regularly draw visitors from countries around the world. Most travelers explore urban areas as well as various natural sites.

This is merely a small sampling of the archipelago’s diverse attractions. When travelers think about what to see in Langkawi, they also consider touring secluded caves or visiting immense waterfalls. Tourists can bathe in hot springs, embark on river cruises and enjoy jungle safaris as well. With so many unique places to explore, numerous people return to the islands each year.


Pantai Cenang

For fantastic beaches and a vast assortment of eateries, travel to the western district of Pantai Cenang. This area features enticing shores with palm trees and white sand. Tourists also spend time in trendy lounges, beachfront restaurants, luxurious spas and diverse shops. This locale offers lodging to suit almost any budget. The choices range from economical inns to opulent resorts with superb ocean views.

Underwater World Langkawi

Travelers can find Underwater World Langkawi near the dividing line between Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. It ranks among the top indoor places to visit in Langkawi. Over 200 types of fish live in this colossal aquarium. They range from sharks to arapaimas, the biggest lake fish on Earth. Huge stingrays leave a lasting impression. This facility also hosts turtles, seals and two species of penguins. It remains open throughout the week.

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach offers a serene place to relax, take a swim or go fishing. A darkly colored surface makes it unlike any other Malaysian shore. No one knows exactly how the sand became black, but a local legend links it to an ancient battle between an enormous eagle and a prince from Rome. Some visitors enjoy picnics, take photos or buy gifts at nearby shops.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

Travelers can reach the Pulau Payar Marine Park by boarding a catamaran at Kuah Jetty. This attraction spans several south-eastern islands. It provides a desirable place for scuba diving or snorkeling activities. Under the right conditions, aquatic adventurers have many opportunities to see coral reefs and a variety of tropical fish.

Langkawi Cable Car

Visitors who prefer much higher altitudes will appreciate the Langkawi cable car service. It carries passengers from Oriental Village to the peak of Mount Machinchang. Riders ascend 72 meters and enjoy fantastic mountain views. A wire linking two of the towers exceeds the length of every similar cable worldwide. Before and after the journey, it’s possible to order a meal or browse various shops in the village.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge ranks among Malaysia’s most popular attractions. It closed for renovations in 2012 but reopened about two years later. This walking bridge boasts a stainless steel structure and measures over 400 feet long. A small portion of the bridge features glass flooring. It gives visitors a chance to see memorable views of the mountain valley beneath them. Tourists reach the sky bridge by riding the above-mentioned cable car.

Langkawi Sky Diving

Thanks to its sandy shores and idyllic weather, many skydiving enthusiasts consider Langkawi an appealing destination. This exhilarating sport provides people with an opportunity to appreciate extraordinary island scenery from the air. Certified professionals work to facilitate safe landings on Tanjung Rhu Beach. Langkawi sky diving companies usually take multiple photos or record jump videos for their customers.