Langkawi Hostels

Langkawi, the precious Jewel of Kedah has always been a huge draw for local and international tourists alike, attracting a throng of about 250,000 holiday makers every month to this tropical paradise. Once you step foot on this island, you can see why it has such an appeal with beach lovers. Proudly bearing the title of a World Geopark bestowed by UNESCO, this archipelago of islands simply overflows with an abundance of flora and fauna accompanied by a backdrop of the turquoise ocean. Soft, golden sand that paves the beaches complete the picturesque sight. Sounds exactly like your type of vacation? Start planning your trip to this beautiful island straight away.


If you plan to go backpacking in Langkawi, rest assured that there are plenty of hostels available dotted all over the island. A common mistaken belief amongst travellers is that hostels are dirty, old, and shabby places. There are indeed places that fit the bill but the majority of hostels nowadays are clean, pleasant places where you can bunk down for the night for a fraction of the price you will be paying to sleep in a hotel room. Generally, hostels carry a low price tag as you are essentially booking a bed in a dorm-style room and not an entire private room like in a hotel. In a communal bedroom such as this, guests can expect the room to fit from four to twenty guests. For a little extra cash, you can even choose to stay in your own private room or request for any other upgrades. Guests will have to share the bathrooms on each floor where there will be rows of sinks and shower stalls that are used by all. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why hostels in Langkawi are fun, affordable places to stay.


Hostels are also great places to meet new people everywhere you go. You get to make friends with people all over the world and share your experiences with each other. You might not have the chance to meet amazing new people when travelling with a group of friends, so if you want to travel alone, try booking a stay in a hostel. The results might exceed your expectations. In order to stay competitive, hostels are constantly adding new facilities to please guests. Some examples are common areas, book corners, gyms, laundry, gaming rooms and more. While staying in a hostel comes with its own unique set of challenges, it will no doubt be a fun and exciting experience that one must try once in a lifetime. Although décor and furnishings tend to be more for practical usage than for visual pleasure, you will be surprised to find that even with a limited budget, hostels can make simple fixtures look nice. Hostels in Langkawi are also ideal places for those on a shoestring budget. The price is way cheaper than other types of accommodation and you can also save on the cost of eating out if the Langkawi hostel happens to have a communal kitchen. The kitchen can be used by the guests to whip up a quick meal instead of heading out and spending money on expensive food.


The usual people who choose to stay in hostels in Langkawi are more for the younger generation, as older folks might find that they prefer the privacy and service hotels have to offer. If you are a lone traveller who loves to make new friends all over the world, then staying at a hostel is definitely an experience that you have to try. The friends and bonds you make there are special, you might just find a travel partner to explore new adventures together or your future best friend. We can’t stress this enough, the best thing about staying in a Langkawi hostel is the to-die-for prices. You save a ton of money and get to interact with people from all over the world.

Already decided that hostels in Langkawi is the perfect place for you? You needn’t be afraid that you will choose a dismal hostel resembling a shelter, just read our helpful blog for more information on the hostels in our list. Plus, with the island’s duty-free status, you get to save even more money on alcohol, tobacco, confectionery items. Bring some back to your hostel and share them among your new-found friends during bonding time. Relax with a couple of beers by the beach side while listening to the soothing sounds of the mild waves rolling up the shore. There’s plenty to do in Langkawi for those that want to just chill out or are looking for a busy, fulfilling vacation sightseeing and sampling everything Langkawi has to offer. This magnificent island is just waiting to be discovered by you, so don’t worry if you are on a budget, we cover all sorts of accommodation from premium to economical types. Read our blog to find out more.

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