Feeling bored of Singapore’s same old places and don’t want to go somewhere far for a short getaway? Why not hop on over to neighbouring Malaysia and check out the amazing vacation destinations there? Malaysia, much like Singapore itself has a temperate tropical climate that allows for plenty of year round sunshine even during monsoon seasons. This is part of what makes its plentiful beaches a great hit with visitors that come from international and local destinations alike. Langkawi island is a prime example of such a place and is noted for being a breath-taking beach location. Break away from life’s daily drudgery to kick back on this tropical paradise where fun times on the sea, surf and sand await you. It’s not only rest and relaxation at this island either, there is an abundance of action-packed entertainment available for the whole family as well. Accommodations galore abound on this island, where travellers will find that there is a whole host of options for them to choose from.


One of the options available for weary travellers who want to get a little taste of local living is to choose to stay in a homestay. As the saying goes, “there’s no place like home” so you can try to recreate some of that when you are in a foreign place. Instead of staying at yet another generic hotel chain, why not experience Malaysian culture at its finest? Often known as a home away from home, one can enjoy true Malaysian hospitality especially if you are a foreigner where hosts of the homestay will welcome you warmly and you can get a feel of true island life. There are several different types of homestays available in Langkawi though. There are the basic, affordable units where essential facilities are readily available for fuss-free tourists. On the other end of the spectrum, there are the luxury, elaborate furnished houses where the prices match the types. Langkawi’s homestays are generally private affairs, where you can savour all the solitude you want in the comfort or your “own” home.


Usually what happens is you book your stay with the owners of the property for preferably a few days and they will hand over the keys to the unit which you can use much like a hotel. The difference is that it is actually furnished like an actual house and pretty much the basic things that you find in a house will be inside. For example, there will be appliances like washing machine, iron and refrigerator which is not what you will necessarily get in a hotel. Some bigger places have two or three bedrooms in house, which means whole families or big groups of friends can stay together and not be separated into different rooms which is what would happen when you stay in a hotel. Besides, in Langkawi homestay, there are bound to be kitchens where you can prepare your own meals which saves even more money as buying your own groceries is cheaper and healthier than eating out.  You get the best of both worlds, experiencing true island living like a local and bonding with your travel party easily.


If preparing your meals is not what you fancy, you can shop around for homestays that provide food or just choose to eat out. Make sure you choose homestays that are located near convenience stores or eateries so that you can get provisions easily. Rent a private car to drive around if you are afraid of being stranded anywhere and this also makes it more convenient for you to explore Langkawi. You can rest assured that the homestay you are staying in is up to national standards as they all need to be in accordance to the guidelines set by Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism. If you are eager to know more about the locals’ lifestyle, customs and cultures you can definitely try the unique experience of living like a citizen of Langkawi in Malaysia.


There are various Langkawi homestays available scattered all over the island, it all depends on where do you want to stay on your vacation. For example, there is the main town area which is Kuah town where more shops are nearby, then there’s Pantai Cenang which is the busiest strip of beach in Langkawi. If both of these locations are not up to your fancy, you don’t have to worry, just continue looking around and you will be able to find a suitable location. If you still have doubts about which homestay to go to, you can refer to our guides for some tips on Langkawi’s homestays. We help you to do the research so that you won’t have to waste time combing through the internet for details. Refer to our extensive guide to Langkawi here where you can find all the information you will ever need about this delightful island.

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