Eagle Square

Dataran Lang, or Eagle Square in English, features the awe-inspiring statue of a reddish brown sea eagle with its wings lifted skyward poised for flight from atop a lofty perch. Peering across the Andaman Sea, this 12-meter high sculpture is an iconic emblem of Langkawi. The prominent sculpture was erected in 1996 as a symbol of the island. The name Langkawi is derived from the Malay words “helang” and “kawi”, meaning “eagle” and “reddish brown”. It is the best-known and most popular man-made attraction in Langkawi.

Located close to the jetty in Kuah, the largest town on the island, this Eagle Square Langkawi monument welcomes visitors who arrive by ferry service from the mainland and also from Satun, Thailand. The statue is the first sight that many passengers see. Situated on the south-eastern tip of Pulau Langkawi on the shore of Kuah Bay, Eagle Square in Langkawi provides beautiful vistas of the harbour and colourful sunsets. This waterside setting with its onshore breeze is a popular place for locals and visitors to explore, dine by the sea or just relax and enjoy the views.

In addition to the breathtaking statue, Langkawi’s Dataran Lang is widely known for its scenic surroundings that include small, tranquil ponds and dazzling miniature fountains. The beautifully landscaped park is also home to shops, cafes and restaurants as well as footbridges and terraces that offer wonderful holiday photo opportunities. The square’s barrel vaulted brick pavilions host a variety of cultural events throughout the year. At night, the square and its renowned monument are ablaze with ornamental lighting.

The public square is open 24 hours a day and admission is free. You can reach Eagle Square in Langkawi by rental car and taxi or as a stop on one of several island tours. Visit Dataran Lang in the morning or early evening to avoid the island’s sultry midday heat.

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