Langkawi Apartments

Feeling tired, demotivated and generally just needing to get away from it all? Take a break from Singapore’s busy pace of life and get over to Malaysia to recuperate and rejuvenate yourself. Malaysia has an abundance of tourism spots that are really worth visiting. For example, if you fancy, you can actually drive all the way from Johor to Penang or further north if you wish to. For beach lovers, it is worth checking out Langkawi Island in Kedah. A beautiful, serene and peaceful archipelago of 99 islands, the pace there is considerably slower and more relaxed compared to Singapore’s busy urban lifestyle. Dubbed the Jewel of Kedah, it is indubitably a place with many wonders of nature everywhere with the additional advantage of the glittering blue-green ocean being the crowning glory. The popularity of Langkawi can be seen by the influx of tourists it receives especially since it was gazetted as a duty-free zone since the year 1987.


The duty-free status granted to Langkawi means that tourists and locals alike can enjoy tax-free prices on items such as cigarettes, alcohol beverages and various types of confectionery. You can definitely splurge and indulge on these items when you are vacationing there. After all, what’s a holiday without spoiling yourself a little? You can get those calories off again when you are back in your everyday routine or maybe you can join in the many adrenaline-filled activities available in Langkawi such as skydiving, parasailing and scuba diving. You might think that in a sleepy little island such as Langkawi there are not much things to do, you can only relax there. You are very much mistaken. In fact, you can have the best of both worlds in Langkawi. Langkawi is suitable for people who want to kick back and just lounge around on the beach all day or if you are one of those who crave a little excitement and would like to get your adrenaline pumping.


Given the many accommodation options available in Langkawi, it’s normal for one to feel overwhelmed when deciding to choose what kind of place to stay in. The usual option available are the usual hotels, resorts or maybe in a beach villa. Have you ever tried staying in an apartment instead? It’s similar to renting a house but you can have the option of staying for long term or short term periods. Instead of feeling like a transplanted outsider, you can now feel truly at home in a Langkawi apartment. Try booking your stay in a serviced apartment where the location is great, facilities are plenty, and furnishings beautiful. It is almost like staying in a hotel, except you will have the added privacy of being like in your own home. This is a great option if you are planning to stay for quite a bit in Langkawi as well. You will end up racking quite a bill if you were to stay in a hotel compared to renting a Langkawi apartment. The best part about staying in a Langkawi apartment is that the whole gang of you and your travel partners can stay together because of all the extra space.


This arrangement is beneficial especially if you are travelling in big groups like in a family, or maybe you have chosen Langkawi as the venue for your bachelorette party, and you want to throw a little celebration on the spot, an apartment in Langkawi is the perfect place to do so. It can even be an impromptu celebration as you have all the facilities there already. Prepare a dainty feast in the kitchen, get some affordable alcohol from the nearest stores and your party is ready. Most Langkawi apartments have on-site amenities such as swimming pools and open common areas that can be used if you wish to move your party to there as well.  Serviced apartments are a welcome change from bland hotel chains where typically everything looks the same. The prices to rent a serviced apartment in Langkawi Island is more affordable than booking a stay for so many people in a hotel but you get even more space with a cheaper price. Everybody stays together in the same place instead of being separated into different rooms.


Don’t worry if you are stuck on which apartment to rent, we have useful information available right here on our blog. You can decide whether apartment is the right place for you and your travelling partners before making a booking. Planning your beach holiday would be a breeze with our helpful tips. Most apartments are in central locations or amenities are just a short drive away so you don’t have to worry about being stranded anywhere. Discover Langkawi in its beautiful natural habitat with your friends and family, we provide all the information just when you need it right on our blog.


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